Copenhagen Series

CymbalWorks Copenhagen

About the Copenhagen Series

Headquartered in Copenhagen, naming the first series was easy. Copenhagen is now not only the capital of Denmark, but also the name of our first cymbal series.

The Copenhagen series is a beautiful and clear-sounding all-round line from CymbalWorks. Here you will get super-sounding cymbals that can easily satisfy everyone’s needs.

The cymbals sound brilliant and are very versatile. They are dynamic, they have a nice and bright top – without getting too bright. They have low end and warmth, and are very easy to play.

The series is made of B20 bronze and hand hammered to perfection. These deep hammer marks on top of these cymbals also gives them their distinctive appearance.

In terms of sound, this series is the brightest sounding of the three series from CymbalWorks. And combined with this slightly lighter character, you still find a lot of warmth and body, which is why the series is very versatile and all-round.

Audio Preview

Below you can watch and hear a video that gives you a general impression of the Copenhagen series.

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You can hear Copenhagen cymbals here and here.