Collectables Series

CymbalWorks Collectables

About the Collectables Series

The Collectables series stands out from the other two CymbalWorks series, Copenhagen and Casablanca. With the Collectables series we try to make each cymbal a little bit different. Here you will find that, quite deliberately, there may be variations in weight and shape – both of which are parameters that are essential for sound.

You could say that this series is a form of collectible – hence the name of the series. Here, variation is simply sought in the individual cymbals.

How do they sound?

The cymbals are a joy. They are crisp, they are light and slightly trashy – in the good way of course. They are also wonderfully airy to play, and you are left with the feeling of cymbals that wants to play.

Audio Preview

Below you can watch and hear a video that gives you a general impression of the Collectables series.

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You can hear Collectables cymbals here and here.