Casablanca Series

CymbalWorks Casablanca

About Casablanca Series

The Casablanca series is the driest sounding of the three series. The series gives you a darker, more defined and slightly shorter tone. The series therefore compliments both the Collectables and the Copenhagen series perfectly, as the other series both are more vibrant in their nature.

The Casablanca series is also visually unique. The upper side has its almost tiger-like look, with some of the raw surface still visible in deepest hammer marks. The cymbals have been slightly polished on the upper side, but only to clean them off, since no lathing has taken place.

As soon as you turn your cymbal around, you will see something completely different. The underside is treated in a radically different way that has given the cymbal a sleek and matte appearance.

About the Ride Cymbals

This series has – like the Copenhagen series – two different ride cymbal models: All Ride and Light Ride. All Ride is thought to be the most all-round version, with Light Ride obviously a bit thinner, and therefore perhaps appeals a bit more to lighter playing drummers.

Audio preview

Below you can watch and hear a video that gives you a general impression of the Casablanca series.

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You can hear Casablanca cymbals here and here.